About Sattvarise

Sattvarise Technologies offers market-leading expertise in the latest Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for Android, iOS, Google Cardboard, GearVR and more. They give their clients an ability to build an experience as unique as their brand to create more meaningful connections with their consumers. They use modern and cutting edge technologies to build powerful, engaging augmented reality campaigns, games, android, iOS apps. With an enthusiastic team of creative artists, game designers, animators, image processing experts and programmers, they work in several industries which includes real estate, education, retail spaces, automobiles, entertainment, exhibitions, games.

Hello, please walk us through your entrepreneurial journey and background before you started? Any interesting stories.

Devdatta had a dream to build something of his own. and that’s how Sattvarise was born.
Sattvarise Technologies Pvt Ltd. is a Pune based company providing solutions in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) for more than 2 years.

Tell us something about founding team?

The team is closely working together for more than 2 years now. Started with one man, the team is now grown to 10 without any external funding.
Devdatta Puntambekar is Co-Founder & CEO of the company. He is a software engineer by profession. Worked in Persistent Systems before starting Sattvarise Techonologies.
Mugdha Deshmukh is Co-Founder & CDO. She heads the design team at Sattvarise. She is professionally qualified Interior Designer worked in HBO+EMTB, for 4+ years before joining Sattvarise.

Tell us little about your product/ platform

Our vision is to create an online virtual ecosystem for real estate and save time and cost for both developers as well as buyers. We have been doing Services for our clients and building our own platform called Vysly, which simply means Visualize easily. “After continuous research & development of 2 years, we have successfully built the virtual reality ecosystem called VYSLY for the real estate, Furniture, Interior designing and related industries. The platform is built for B2B and B2C both. Existing marketplaces and platforms have limitations when it comes to dealing with real estate. Users can buy real estate, furniture, home decor products and can do Interior Design. It breaks the barrier between the physical and digital world that existed in present marketplaces.” More details can be found here at

Tell us about your customer traction

We launched the first ever AR app in the tiles industry in India for leading company Johnson Tiles. Mahindra Lifespaces, Naiknavare, Kohinoor and other renowned real estate developers are a few names in our client list, also we are working in partnership with German based pharmaceutical giant Glatt systems.
We are working on many more exciting solutions for clients in various domains with our expertise, innovative ideas and technology keeping client’s requirement at the center.
We are at a pre-launch stage with our product. and testing with few customers. The app will be live soon.

How important do you think IBM GEP is to help and improve the ecosystem?

With the help IBM GEP, it was easy for us to test our ideas without any cost. Support from IBM GEP team helped us to make use of it effectively.

What has been your experience using the IBM Bluemix Cloud platform

We have been using Bluemix since the beginning. It was quite easy to use the Bluemix platform to create the app and test it. Even the freshers in our team can use it perfectly, and that’s what a start-up wants. Minimum hassle while deploying. A plug and play type of platform help to develop, test and learn different things which we haven’t thought of before.
We are using Node.js runtime, mongoDB, Virtual Servers, Storage, Push notification services from Bluemix. We built the app locally and pushed our code into Bluemix by creating above services. It worked seamlessly.

What role does a strong technology platform play in your product/solution and how it helped you differentiate?

Technology platforms like Watson help to test assumptions and possible use cases to implement. Also, it gives ideas on implementing various features using the same tool.

What is your road ahead for your start-up?

This is one of our 1st product which we are launching. Along with this, we have couple of other product plans for AR & VR combined with Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise sector, where our other team is working on with selected partners and customers.