About SimpleCRM

SimpleCRM is a comprehensive, highly scalable and completely flexible CRM solution built on open source platform. It is especially suitable for mid-sized and large organizations that need a cost-effective, fully supported, enterprise grade CRM.

Hello, please walk us through your entrepreneurial journey and background before you started? Any interesting stories.

SimpleCRM founders have been involved in global CRM project implementations since 2004. Over the years, it became increasingly clear that organizations in Asia require an Enterprise grade CRM at a price point that factored in local economic realities. This led us to launch SimpleCRM product in late 2014 specifically targeted towards Asian customers. SimpleCRM is a comprehensive, highly-scalable, flexible and cost effective CRM solution for small, medium and large organizations in Asia.

Tell us something about founding team?

Indraneel Fuke: Indraneel is a Founder Director at SimpleCRM with 16+ years of international experience in product & program management, developing business, strategy and general management. He has also held various leadership positions in CGI (US) and Tata Communications (India).
Specialties: Leading large scale CRM & ERP projects and solution sales in Asian and American markets.
Education: MS – Penn State, USA. MBA (PGPx) – IIM Ahmedabad

Tell us little about your product/ platform

Key Benefits of SimpleCRM:
Better lead generation through digital marketing
Increased sales closures through effective lead management
Better customer journey mapping & account management to increase wallet share
Better customer service to achieve higher customer retention
Greater business insights through powerful reporting
Higher efficiencies through productivity tools in mobility and upcoming Artificial Intelligence (IoT, Chatbots, etc) areas

Key Differentiators:
Comprehensive, scalable, flexible and robust software platform leveraging open source technologies
Support for both Cloud & On-Premise deployment models
Offers all the key functionality of or Microsoft Dynamics, and certain unique capabilities, at a huge cost advantage
One of the most experienced CRM implementation team in Asia, having combined experience of delivering 300+ CRM projects in the last decade.

Tell us about your customer traction

SimpleCRM product started as a customized solution on open platform with its first customer — HSBC InvestDirect (India). At its peak, HSBC InvestDirect had over 1,000 users successfully managing sales and support operations on SimpleCRM. Today, SimpleCRM has matured into an enterprise grade, highly scalable, comprehensive and cost-effec- tive CRM of choice for large enterprises in Asia, with large customers with thousands of users. Customers like Union Assurance, Reliance Foundation, Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad, Karvy etc. are using SimpleCRM for managing sales, support and operations. Some customer success stories are available at monials.

How has your association with IBM helped you differentiate and grow?

We have had an excellent experience with IBM GEP. Before IBM GEP we were evaluating cloud platforms of many providers and had an engagement with one of the popular cloud provider. However, once IBM GEP contacted us, we came to know of a much better option in IBM Softlayer and moved most of our cloud platform on IBM Softlayer.

What has been your experience using the IBM Bluemix Cloud platform

We are using IBM Softlayer as the backbone of our SimpleCRM Cloud offering. With the help of IBM Bluemix team, we have established an extensive, secure and scalable infrastructure setup on which SimpleCRM Cloud operates.

What role does a strong technology platform play in your product/solution and how it helped you differentiate?

We are using IBM Softlayer as the backbone of our SimpleCRM Cloud offering. With the help of IBM Bluemix team, we have established an extensive, secure and scalable infrastructure setup on which SimpleCRM Cloud operates. Hosting on IBM Softlayer automatically takes care of the security and compliance concerns of our customers in the financial and insurance domains.

What is your road ahead for your start-up?

SimpleCRM aims to be the #1 CRM alternative to or Microsoft CRM for the Mid-Enterprise & Large Enterprise market segments in the Asia Pacific. The key value proposition of SimpleCRM is that it offers a comprehen- sive, highly scalable and flexible Enterprise CRM at a huge cost advantage. SimpleCRM team draws its inspiration from how Xiaomi disrupted the mobile market in Asia by offering products that match over 90% of the capabilities of high-end Samsung phones or iPhones at 20% of the cost.