Please walk us through your entrepreneurial journey and background before you started? Any interesting stories?

It involved recognizing the potential of the idea Sanjoe and Mani came up with to help alumni conduct mock interviews for juniors on the IIT campus. “The alumni could be based anywhere in the world and they also had unpredictable schedules. So we thought of making the interview videos available online to the alumni, who could access them at their convenience. Many of the alumni came back to us and suggested we make our automated videos available as a service,” says Sanjoe. At the time, the tool was rudimentary, completely manual, and had to be backed up by Google Docs.

About founding team

Sanjoe Tom Jose, Jobin Jose, Tom Jose and Mani K. (not related)

Sanjoe and Mani were batch mates in the MBA programme at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, from where they graduated in 2011. Jobin and Sanjoe were in school together in Kothamangalam, around 50km from Kochi, Tom and Sanjoe’s families were friends.

Sanjoe Tom Jose: Sanjoe founded Talview in 2012 and has been driving the vision and strategy since inception. He is also responsible for new initiatives and product strategy. He is passionate about building technologies especially leveraging smartphones which can impact the world. Previously, he has worked with MNCs like National Instruments and L&T. He was part of core teams building world class cloud based tech applications. He is an Engineer from Cochin University and an MBA from IIT Bombay.

Jobin Jose is responsible for operations management, product implementation and roll out. Previously, he has played a significant role in developing IP Licensing Business for Embedded Software and Multimedia Products as a Project Coordinator. He has also worked as a design engineer for a partner of Defense Research and Development Organization Labs. He is an Engineer from MG University.

Subramanian (Mani) is responsible for product development and research. He has played an instrumental role in developing technology products for multiple start-ups in the past. He is an Engineer from Anna University and has a Post Graduate Degree in Management from IIT Bombay. He is also an Erasmus alumnus at TU–Munchen, Germany and a DAAD scholarship holder. He is a visiting faculty for Statistics and is a published author.

Tell us little about your product/ platform

Talview has 2 offerings: Video Assessments and Talent Insights

  1. Video Assessments:
    • Asynchronous Interview
    • Aptitude & Technical Test
    • Simulations
    • Code Test: Monitor and record candidate during the test, View Screenshots of the candidate’s screen taken at random intervals, prevent navigation away from the test screen and block the “cut-copy-paste” commands, randomize questions within categories to avoid duplication
    • Grammar & Typing Test
    • Live Interview: Panel Calendar Management, Candidate Availability Mapping, Scheduling, Notifications & Reminders, Interview Recording, Rating Sheet, Private Chat, File Upload, Whiteboard
    • Multi Section Work Flow: Section Cutoffs, Auto Scoring, Combined Report, Scheduling, Notification Management, Data Integrity and Proctoring Integration
    • Automated Remote Video Proctoring: Face Detection, Track Browser Window Switch, Geo-tagging, Randomize Questions, Candidate Fingerprinting, Restriction of Test Access, Block Copy-Paste Command, Automation Alerts
    • Interview Scheduling & Calendar Management
  2. Talent Insights
    • Talview Talent Insights is world’s first hiring automation technology that uses NLP, Video, Psycholinguistics, Semantics and Analytics to automate, improve and expedite all aspects of hiring including search, screen, select and onboard.
    • Behavioral Insights
      • Fewer Steps: TBI report is generated from a video interview, eliminates the need for behavioral assessment, saves the logistics
      • Fake-proof: Answers given by the candidate to questions during their routine interview process and can’t be tricked o Learning capabilities: Calibrate the reporting to suit the requirement of client organization and even specific teams
      • Natural responses: More accurate representation of candidate’s behavior than how he or she responds to questions by selecting a choice

Tell us about your customer traction

We have over clients that uses Talview in over 102 countries. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies. In total we have close to 100 clients who are mostly enterprise and SMBs. (

How has been your association with IBM Global Entrepreneur? How important do you think IBM Global Entrepreneur is to help and improve the ecosystem?

IBM-GEP has been instrumental in helping us get exposure to new prospects and IBM’s customer base. They are also connecting us with experts in technology and non-technology sectors.

What’s your take on the IBM Cloud? How is it helping your start-up grow?

SoftLayer ‘s fluent and deep API’s has been critical to handle fluctuating loads with lean infrastructure, With SoftLayer it has become possible to fully automate on-demand scaling up and down of provisioned services.

Softlayer’s quality cloud infrastructure from its data centers and resilient networks around the world, and its strength emerging economies has helped Talview deliver real time video applications in challenging environments. The Bare-Metal offerings and support ecosystem at SoftLayer enables delivery of consistent high performance platform to our clients. The allied mission critical services offerings including transcoding, mail delivery and message queues powers the heart of our’s video applications.

The strong OpenStack support makes it possible to deploy consistent solutions across multiple environments with common service components. DevOps is much simpler with access to the multiple monitoring and reporting tools from the dashboard. Transparent reporting and speedy resolution of issues have made the experience with SoftLayer fantastic.

What is your road ahead for your start-up?

We have set foot in Singapore recently. We would like to get a strong hold at APAC countries.