About Tourity

Tourity is a marketplace for travel guides and tour packages where you can discover custom-made holiday plans within seconds and book tour packages on-demand powered by our travel 3.0 engine. Discover the city in a native way with Tourity.

Hello, please walk us through your entrepreneurial journey and background before you started? Any interesting stories.

I’m Anoop Munshi, Founder and CEO of We offer customizable travel experiences at blazing speed within our unique marketplace which is powered by our innovative one of kind Modular Tour Planning System with AI. The idea of building Tourity stuck to me when I was planning a tour along with my family to Konark. Since it was a self-planned tour, I faced immense challenges and it was tiring to solve them. Though other side of story is that we usually don’t like those pesky travel agents or premium overcharging agents who provide no value in return. Before this I had minor entrepreneurial stints with a marketplace for painting contractors which was a failure. Coming to my experience my last job was with McKinsey as a Business Presentation Specialists mainly designing decks for consultants and previously worked for Genpact as a Subject Matter Expert on Contract Administration. Now, when it comes to my education I have done PG Certificate International business at Swinburne university, Melbourne, Australia was unable to pursue till completing Masters and a B.SC computer science from Aurora College, Hyderabad.

Tell us something about founding team?

We are 4 founders Manoj, Kaniah, Murali and me, it’s been about 3 years all of us meet through our personal network of friends and now we are an amazing team. So, far the journey to build Tourity from scratch has been amazing. Manoj & Kaniah are full stack developer whereas Murali is front-end Ninja and I handle DevOPs and business-side. Additionally we are supported by Anirudh Munshi (elder brother) who is an Associate Architect working as a consultant with us and has 10 years’ experience in CloudPMS systems, currently working with a cloudPMS company.

Tell us little about your product/ platform

It’s a programmatic tour packaging tool called Modular tour planning system which quickly helps travellers to customize all components of itinerary in real-time and fulfilment is powered by our marketplace. To make tourism ecosystem for smoother we have B2B technology plug and play integration for

  • OTAs
  • Hotel Channel management companies
  • Travel Affiliate
  • Cloud/Standalone PMS companies

Tell us about your customer traction

In beta with 700 users, 3 hotels are in pipeline as fulfilment providers. Looking for Hotel Channel management companies.

What has been your experience using the IBM Bluemix Cloud platform

It’s been amazing experience working on Softlayer, the various services provided and pricing model is convening enough to move ahead with.

What is your road ahead for your start-up?

We are launching our sales drive in coming few months once we attain respectful supplier’s numbers with a target to reach-out to 2 star & deluxe category hotels and on-board them as our esteemed tourism partner. The road ahead is to achieve aggressive target of 1000 hotel in 1 year for operations.