About Zetagile

Zetagile Info Solutions is a product development services company focused on database products, data integration, data analytics, mobile and cloud application development. They help their clients, enhance the value and life of their existing IT investments through innovation, creative use of newer technologies which meet, and exceed, the most rigorous quality and innovation standards.

Hello, please walk us through your entrepreneurial journey and background before you started? Any interesting stories.

Zetagile Info Solutions was started by Srinivas Kiran and Ambadas Kshirsagar. Kiran was a promoter of a start in 2000, which U.S based company ‘Ascential Software’ acquired in 2004 and in turn IBM acquired Ascential in 2005. Kiran worked for about 11 years since the acquisition at IBM India Software labs before starting his new venture. Ambadas joined IBM U.S through Rational Software acquisition and moved back to IBM India 2009. Both have over 2 decades of experience in the Industry, operated at Sr. Leadership positions in different roles & capacity. Our entrepre- neurial journey is going through testing times, making incremental progress. We built the product ground up and hit the market in less than 10 months, and now added good number of Small businesses in one of the fast growing City, Hyder- abad. It was not easy to get where we are, leaving our high paying jobs, convincing our family and sacrificing quality of life seems like starting to pay off. The road is still bumpy but it’s fun, maniacally focusing on where we want to get.

Tell us something about founding team?

Our founding team comes with strong technology & academic background, the technology team is led by an IITian, joined by couple of NITians who come with strong product development background & experience in building products in the space of Data Integration, Analytics and Cloud at IBM.

Tell us little about your product/ platform

We built a product / platform “ZMP (Zetagile Mobility Platform)” to help rollout digital solutions across different verticals for SMBs staring from an eCommerce use case to Analytics and Deep learning. First vertical solution focused on Food & Restaurants called “Viandd” was rolled out to market and we signed up about 45 Customers in last 6 months since it hit the market. Viandd solves the current challenges that hinder restaurants namely, Quick Service, Casual dine and Fine Dine, getting on to digital platform and online. The Viandd platform brings the ability to build food ordering mobile Apps for Pickup, Home Delivery, Drive-Thru and Table reservation. End-to-end Application for each restaurant can be rolled out in less than a week including mobile apps on Android and iOS. The Food and Restaurant chains can afford the luxury to have their own branded App with very minimal or no initial cost.

How has your association with IBM helped you differentiate and grow?

Since we started working on Bluemix we have access to use multiple instances on SoftLayer which has directly boosted our ability to deploy applications simultane- ously and faster.

What has been your experience using the IBM Bluemix Cloud platform

We have been extensively using the IBM Cloud platform for our SAAS based mobile application platform. The features available are exhaustive and the support has been excellent.

What role does a strong technology platform play in your product/solution and how it helped you differentiate?

Our product is a cloud based SAAS platform. We are completely relying on IBM Bluemix. The ease of creating, using and managing the instances saves lot of Developer hours. The rapid scalability to handle growth and high-volume data is a big decider in favour of Bluemix for our cloud hosted solution.

Tell us about your customer traction

Last six months since we hit the market, we’ve added about 45 customers, most of them are QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) and Fine Dine Restaurants. There’s good pipeline and hoping to sign up 200 businesses by end of 2017.

What is your road ahead for your start-up?

Now that we have active Customer using our offering / solution, we are ready to take off and scale up. Our plan is to sign up about 6000 SMBs in India by 2020.