Open Source Panel – New York City – 05/22/2018 – New York – 5/21/2018

New York

May 22, 2018

Engaging in Open Source Software – Developing Open Source Strategies for Institutions : a panel will discuss open source adoption by individuals, & within institutions. The importance of developing incentives, processes, & policies, to manage open source internally will be covered. Guidelines for participating in external open source projects will be discussed, as well as gaining personal eminence from open source participation & benefiting from IBM Code & CODAIT (Center of Open Source Data & AI Technologies). Panelists include:
— Joe "Sepi" Crane-Messina – NYC Lead Developer/Advocate ⚡️ Node.js Foundation Community Committee member
— Yvette LaMar – Program Director, Developer Community & Events
— Augustina Ragwitz – Social Science/Anthropology Open Tech Lead & R-Ladies leader
— Jennifer Skeivik – Open Source Program Manager

51 Astor Place, New York City, New York, 10001, United States