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If you have a problem when using Integration Bus, the IBM Support team will work with you for diagnosis and problem resolution.  However there is some information published online about known problems which have already been diagnosed and fixed via APARs.  This article gives some tips on how to find those lists.

You may want to check the lists of known fixes yourself to see whether a later fixpack may resolve your issues.  You may also want to check whether the issue you are seeing is already known to IBM Support, even if it is not yet released in a cumulative fixpack.  The Support website allows you to look at both of these lists.

The first method is to use the Readme file provided with each fixpack:


The page for Recommended Fixes for each version has a link to the latest Fixpack, and that lets you see what fixes are included, with links to see the detailed symptoms and resolution for each one.

There is a second method to see known and fixed problems before they are included in a Fixpack, also using the Support pages.  As APARs are fixed and closed by the Support team, details appear on the Support website and you can see and search for them by content or date.  The way to do this is:

  1. Go to the Integration Bus support site.  This should land you here:
  2. Look under the “Product Support Content” heading and click “All product support content“:
  3. This opens a new page with a long list of documents.  Now use the filters to restrict what is shown to just include APARs (problems fixed) and optionally, select a version you are interested in:
  4. Having done this, you will see a list of recently fixed problems, newest first.  You can filter or search this list further if you want.  For example:

Using a combination of these two techniques, you can quickly check for existing issues without raising a support request.  You can of course follow up with the Support team if you are not sure, or if you need to request a fix which is not yet delivered in a Fixpack.

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