The second installment in our series of interactive guides is now available. This installment gives you an overview of the diagnostic tools and techniques that you can use when trouble-shooting problems with IBM Integration Bus or WebSphere Message Broker. Whether you are an administrator or an application developer this tool will guide you to the most useful diagnostics to examine for a range of different problems.

This guide has been compiled by the IIB Support and Development teams to encode some of our deep experience in solving Integration Bus problems making our expertise available to you instantly.

To get started just click on the following link:

2 comments on"Interactive guide on diagnostic tools"

  1. It seems this link points nowhere:
    Is the Diagnostic Tools summary no longer available?

    • Ian_Larner July 31, 2017

      Thanks for letting us know. I’ve updated the short URL to redirect to the main “Dynamic troubleshooting guides” page, from where you can open either of the dynamic guides.
      Regards, Ian

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