Check out the latest webinars on converting your WebSphere ESB (WESB) solutions to IBM Integration Bus (IIB). Learn about the roadmap converting your solutions, and how to plan your migration to IIB through these group of webinars:

Each webinar is about one hour in duration. The webinars explain why moving from WebSphere ESB to IBM Integration Bus is such a good idea, a deep comparison between WebSphere ESB and IBM Integration Bus, and how to approach conversion from WebSphere ESB to IBM Integration Bus including use of the very latest version of the conversion tool.

You can find the webinars in the IBM Integration community within the Resources section. The direct link to the information is

Learn about WebSphere ESB conversion to IBM Integration Bus (webinars)

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  1. here

    The webinars have now been moved to YouTube, here are the links in the same relative order as described above….


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