IBM InterConnect 2015 ran from February 22-26 in Las Vegas, and there was a huge amount of content presented on the subject of integration. I’ve just uploaded materials for some key sessions to SlideShare, so if you weren’t able to make the conference or if you missed a particular session, please use the links below to see what you missed!

We covered lots of other sessions that I haven’t listed here. If there are particular ones you’d like to see, please use the comments section below and I’ll see what I can do. Note that links to the Messaging sessions (including IBM MQ and the new Messaging Appliance) are available on our sister site for messaging.

2 comments on"IBM Integration sessions at IBM InterConnect 2015"

  1. Peter Holditch May 07, 2019

    All these links are broken. Is the content available still?

    • BenThompsonIBM June 27, 2019

      Hi Peter, many of the products referenced in these presentations have moved on significantly in the last 4 years, so the material will be out of date in some / many cases. That said, if you’d like up to date information about a particular area, or have a specific query about an older release then we should be able to help you out. Feel free to drop us an email if there’s something specific you’re after.

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