ID_Small It is Thursday morning in IBM Hursley and all the participants of the IBM Integration Bus workshop are now completely in an ‘integration’ mode, keen to take full advantage of the hands-on exercises developed by IBM BetaWorks.

Along with exploring the new functionality introduced in IBM Integration Bus V10 and expanding their product’s knowledge, the workshop participants are providing invaluable feedback to the development team.

As all the participants have been involved in the IBM Integration Bus Beta Program, some have come into the spotlight and shared their experience with BetaWorks’ Early programs on camera.

The BetaWorks’ media studio is all set for today’s interviews and yes, of course – the studio is green…


Week 2, Day 4, 25th June 2015

Today’s important topic is ‘Security’. The participants will listen to the latest security enhancements in the IBM Integration Bus V10 and then will dive in to the lab exercises, working on ‘securing’ the applications, services and flows that they have been developing throughout the week. They will also experience the new ‘File-Based security’ and how the different level of authorization reflect the functions available to the specific user in the enhanced Web User Interface.


As usual, after the busy day in the classroom, the BetaWorks team has organized non-work activities and it looks like it has ‘ordered’ brilliant weather for the day here in IBM Hursley…
The participants will have a tour of the IBM Hursley House and the IBM museum, browsing through technology from the IBM’s 100 years old history.

Then the class’ barbeque will take place in the IBM Hursley Club House allowing everyone to relax and chat over a drink or two.

IMG_20150625_101431 IMG_20150625_101556

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