IBM® Integration Bus V10 betaworks labs have been published and can be found here. Each lab comprises one or more guides as PDF files, and is usually accompanied by an archive file (.zip file) that you can use to complete the lab activities. These self study labs provide the opportunity to develop your skills in IBM Integration Bus.

Please let us know if there are any areas you would like to see covered by a self study lab.


7 comments on"IBM Integration Bus v10 self study labs"

  1. Your 6th lab manual PDF is broken. Can you please check once. IIB9000_Pattern_Auth6_Groups_Table-Parameter

    • Ian_Larner March 12, 2018

      @PatrikG Hello,
      Thanks for letting us know. I have changed the link to get a good copy of the PDF from the IBM software downloads site.
      Regards, Ian

  2. Hi,
    Yes, I am not able to download from the OT4I Pattern Repository as well (not Experimental) using the latest v10.0.0.2 developer binaries.

    Is it possible to install the older v9 integration toolkit and download the patterns? And somehow export it over to the v10 toolkit as a workaround?


  3. I am not able to see all the patterns in IIB toolkit V10 pattern explorer. Is there any way to get all the in-built patterns for IIB V10?.

    • Hi Rajeev,
      Thanks for your comment. I am investigating this, and will add an updated reply asap.

      Meanwhile, there are a few patterns in the Patterns Explorer that can be installed from the Experimental OT4I GitHub Pattern Repository. Otherwise, have you tried the tutorials (Help > Tutorials Gallery).


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