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On November 17th 2015, Robert Laird gave a presentation and then Question & Answer session for the WebSphere User Group (WUG) webinar for the Global WebSphere Community (GWC), titled “REST and runtime: An introduction to the new features of the WSRR 8.5.6 release”. You can listen to the replay from the WUG Archive. There were a few questions deferred to writing up in a blog. Well here goes with the blog!

Q: Does the new WSRR 8.5.6 feature that allows the specification of the order of execution of runtime policy apply to both SLD and SLAs? We use one SLD with many SLA’s. How will that work with the policy priority?

A: The new feature applies to ordering SLDs only. A consumer should be using one SLA when they access a service, as identified by the context ID they send DataPower, and as such the policies on that SLA and the SLD will be used. For more information and an example, see IBM WSRR Info Center

Q: Using WSRR 8.5.6, do we have the ability to filter the visibility of endpoints based on classifications in Service Registry Dashboard? For example, DataPower WS Proxy endpoints are visible and backend endpoints are not?

A: If you mean visible in Dashboard then no, the search widget cannot be configured to add some classifications to the type search, which is a bit of a hole. If you mean visible to DataPower so it only picks up the correct endpoints, then yes via customizing the named queries.

Q: Is there any capability for “registration rollback?” For example promoting a service from WSRR governance to WSRR runtime then being able to roll back that promotion from the runtime?

One way to do this is to create a rule in the promotion reaper to remove services in some state that was before the Staged state. A service that should be rolled back would then have its state changed to a state prior to staged, then the reaper would find the service and delete it.

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