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Fix list for IBM Integration Bus V10.0:

So, What’s new in IIB V10.0.0.3?
Here is a brief description of some of the new features.

Graphical mapping

Support for Oracle stored procedures

In previous releases, you can use a Database Routine transform to call a stored procedure from only a DB2® database. In IBM Integration Bus Version 10.0 fix pack 3, support for stored procedures is extended so that you can also call a stored procedure from an Oracle database. For information about the support for stored procedures, see Support for stored procedures.

Dynamic and intelligent

Business transaction monitoring
Typically, a business transaction consists of several system-level transactions. When you monitor business transactions in IBM Integration Bus, you track and report the lifecycle of a payload message through an end-to-end enterprise transaction. To monitor business transactions, you create a business transaction monitoring definition in the web user interface.

For more information, see Business transaction monitoring.

Platforms and environments

Support for Linux on POWER® Little Endian

You can install IBM Integration Bus on a Linux on POWER Little Endian system, but the following message flow nodes are not supported on this platform:

WebSphere Adapters nodes:
SAPInput node
SAPRequest node
SAPReply node
SiebelInput node
SiebelRequest node
PeopleSoftInput node
PeopleSoftRequest node
JDEdwardsRequest node
JDEdwardsInput node
WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition nodes:
FTEInput node
FTEOutput node
DecisionService node
IMSRequest node

IBM Integration Bus does not include any database drivers that can be used with the Linux on POWER Little Endian platform. For details about third-party database drivers that are supported, see IBM Integration Bus system requirements web page.

2 comments on"So, What’s new in IIB V10.0.0.3?"

  1. Stef Pugsley December 03, 2015

    The V10.0.0.3 release for developers is available here:

    It should be a full installation.

  2. Hello, newbie here. Currently only IIB Developer Edition v10.0.0.2 is made available for download. When can we expect a v10.0.0.3 release? Is the Fix Pack a full installation or just an upgrade installation which requires the base v10.0.0.2 binaries? Also where can I find documentation on the steps required for one do the upgrade? Thanks.

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