Christmas Brussels sprouts

Around this time thoughts often turn to festive fare and the debate on whether to and how to serve Brussels sprouts.

One thing the IBM Integration Bus team do all agree on, is that it’s good to be continually sprouting new capabilities and delivering them in agile releases of our product.


We’ve been doing this in our Graphical Data Mapping visual transformation option in IBM Integration Bus.

Cache Get Transform

In v10 fixpack 2 we added the capability for Graphical Data mapping with a Global Cache. This enables visual transformations to retrieve and store key-value data in the Global Cache. This allows efficient reuse across invocations or between REST APIs/services/flows, servers, nodes using the embedded cache. You can also share data with external applications when configured with a Websphere eXtreme Scale grid.

Database Routine Transform

In v10 fixpack 3 we extended the Graphical Data Mapping support for Stored Procedures to include Oracle databases. The Database Routine transform allows you to visually invoke a stored procedure within a transformation. There is a documented scenario “Simplifying message flows by using stored procedures” to help you investigate and understand the Mapping node and its support for database stored procedures.

Both of these capabilities use transforms that provide nested mappings in which the data input to and the data from the external system can be transformed using any of the full set of supported transforms. This allows the map developer to apply necessary pre or post processing of data.

Please let use know about additional capabilities you’d like to see sprouting in Graphical Data Mapping.

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