christmas_starsAs some of you will remember, there was a time in IIB’s past when one could find traces of a certain Dumbledore in the logs.

2011-04-15 09:03:31.0978 CMPMQReceiver.. i: CMP receiving: DUMBLEDORE_RESPONSE serializer.version=1.0

Was Albus Dumbledore working his magic in WebSphere Message Broker?

Not quite… the Dumbledore entries were in fact evidence of a new administration environment that was taking shape inside what was then WMB v5. The administration environment used to communicate with the Configuration Manager (using a RESTful style command which logged its actions as DUMBLEDORE) and eventually evolved to become the ConfigManagerProxy (CMP). And while the Configuration Manager (and the Dumbledore log entries) have long since disappeared the open (Integration) API for the CMP lives on. Today the API not only allows you to build and deploy but also to create flows programmatically and last but certainly not least to inject messages in Unit Testing.

The notion of openness isn’t the only strong theme which carries through IIB’s evolution. Standards support and (industry) relevance are other good examples. And with each release IIB got a little easier to install, removing dependencies such as DB2 and MQ. Even the name got simpler, just think back to IBM WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker!

So what will the future of IIB be like? Well, why don’t you help to shape it? Here is how we create the magic. 😉 And for those of you who would like to learn more about the origins of IBM Integration Bus, have a look at Matt’s post about IIB’s 15th birthday..

PS: Do you like the festive IIB posts? You can easily find them all by having a look at our festive calendar or click on the festive2015 tag.

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