christmas_santawithlightEarlier on in the year Santa contacted me. He was not happy with the output from his factories in the North Pole (apparently they are shielded by an invisible dome so you cannot see them from satellites… who knew!) and with the increase in the worlds population he was needing to hit higher and higher targets for the number of presents his elves were producing. He asked if I could help and so I introduced him to the Manufacturing Pack!

Santa’s factories in the North Pole needed to become more automated. The technology used for the past thousand years was certainly past its best. But by using the connectors we supply in the pack (OPC Classic, OPC UA and OSISoft Pi) and the MQTT Publish and Subscribe nodes we were able to connect through to his machinery and integrate his factories sensor feeds into his head office where he could easily monitor the output of the sensors using aggregated MQTT messages. This enabled him to discover where time was being taken in his production lines. Apparently the pushbike production doubled when he realised that his steel furnaces were too hot and he started to control them more!!

For more information on the Manufacturing Pack follow these links…

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Happy Xmas everyone!!!

*Ho Ho Ho*

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