Picture the scene – Ike, an IIB administrator sits in his office, after hours on Christmas Eve, poring over his latest emails… There’s still time for his team to eek out a few more message flows before he lets them go celebrate with their families. Bah Humbug! Poor old “Tiny” Tim Dunn is in the new projects office is skyping his family.  He can’t make it home for mulled wine because he has to spin up a new IIB stack for testing.  His developers are all running slightly different versions of IIB and he needs to manage the roll out of some fixes and updates to all of them.  Bah Humbug – Won’t someone think of his children?!

WHOOSH! There is a blinding light and a self-assured voice comes from the ether:

“Ike … This is the ghost of Christmas Integration present, I have come to show you the error of your ways! You can stop being such a meanie and let your workers go home.  You can have multiple systems, all connected by a single bus.  Developers can create new integrations with a slick graphical interface.  Administrators can run multiple tiers of development, QA and production instances. If only you embrace containerisation, poor old Tim could spin up 3 new environments for 3 new projects in minutes, and he could rest at home, safe in the knowledge that development environments are all up to date and identical to each other.”

WHOOSH! The blinding light subsides and Ike is left staring back at his computer screen with a browser window open to

He clicks eagerly and is greeted with everything he ever wanted.  Examples of how to run IIB in a Docker container, detailed steps on building and running IIB nodes, leaping to life in seconds. He shouts with glee, praising visionary github contributor srogers, and runs out of his office to share the joy.

And also to buy a Turkey baguette for Tim.

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