Over the last week or two we’ve posted about the Ghost of IIB Past and the Ghost of IIB Present. So what can we expect from the Ghost of IIB Future? Well, as we hurtle towards the New Year, I’m sure it won’t surprise you to hear that we have plenty to look forward to in the world of IIB and integration more generally.

We’re expecting 2016 to be a very exciting time. Businesses are under a constant pressure to reinvent, reduce the cost of integration, and to adapt to the demands of the API Economy. To do this we understand that you need to constantly assess your strengths and evolve – build on what works and drop what doesn’t. Of course, IIB itself is no exception.

We’ll continue to take the pulse of the market on our delivery cadence, our range of supported operating systems and form factors – have you checked out our OSX Open Beta yet? (, our tooling experiences (both Eclipse and web-browser based), the portability of artifacts created for deployment both on-premise and to the cloud, and of course our heterogeneous language runtime.

As we all embrace the changes that 2016 will bring we hope you’ll like what we have to offer … but above all else remember in this time of digital transformation, it’s time to disrupt or be disrupted. Please let us know about what you love, and of course what you’d love us to improve .

Season’s greetings and Happy New Year!


PS: Do you like the festive IIB posts? You can easily find them all by having a look at our festive calendar or click on the festive2015 tag.

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