For many years PerfHarness or “Performance Harness for Java Message Service” as it has previously been know has been available to download in binary format from¬†IBMdeveloperWorks. The version available for download is very old and does not support many of the new technologies and protocols. Internally we have been continually developing PerfHarness for our internal testing.

To make it easier for all our customers to use PerfHarness we wanted to release an updated version including the source code meaning that if you want to code up an extension or new module you can do this. If you develop something and  think it might be useful to others make a pull request and we can look at integrating it into the main stream.

A highlight of the new features in the latest release of PerfHarness are

  • Support for Post/Get/Put so can be used with RESTful interfaces
  • JMS 2.0 Support
  • Additional HTTP capability – Port Scaling, Basic Authentication,¬†SSL Support
  • MQ CorrelID support

You can find the source for PerfHarness in its new location –¬† If you still just want to download the binary version you can get to this from the releases section –¬†

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