In this video Allyson and Carsten discuss the opportunities of combining IBM API Management with IBM Integration Bus.

Carsten spends much of his time working with customers using Integration products and presented this year at IBM InterConnect. Allyson asks him some great questions from a layman’s perspective leading with, ‘What actually is an API?’ He explains it’s ‘how you can technically define the way you expose a piece of business functionality’ and gives an example of a bank wanting to inform people about the kinds of products they have and how they can do that with an API in a technical way.

In their discussion they agree that APIs are everywhere, they rule the world!

Carsten describes how API Management can be used by companies who want to make a set of APIs available to developers outside their enterprise and talks about the new version of API Management, now called API Connect. He explains how one component of the product is a portal which allows you to socialize the information about the API, it tells the developer everything he or she needs to do, even providing code snippets as examples.

As they progress to discuss how IBM Integration Bus and API Management complement each other it becomes clear that if you are an Integration Bus Developer, life won’t change dramatically but you will have an easier time exposing the APIs you’ve created. The tooling is easy to use, which means better services. The combination of these products is all about connecting systems of record with systems of interaction, which simply put, enables companies and enterprises to provide better information in an easy way.

‘Are Developers going to love this?’ was Allyson’s closing question. If a key differentiator is the ability to attract independent developers to build apps through an easy, self service environment and have masses of information opened up for them to build better apps, the answer is surely yes!

For more information about the products click on Get Started with IBM Integration Bus for Developers and API Management on developerWorks

Carsten’s presentation from InterConnect can be found on SlideShare  Combining the Power of IBM API Management and IBM Integration Bus

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