Some IBM® Integration Bus V10 betaworks labs have been updated or are new for IIB The latest list of labs can be found on the Resources > Integration Bus > Self-study labs page. Each lab comprises instruction guides as PDF files, and is usually accompanied by an archive file (.zip file) that you can use to complete the lab activities. These self study labs provide the opportunity to develop your skills in IBM Integration Bus.

(April 2016: Labs updated for IIB10004)

(April 2016: Labs new for IIB10004)

8 comments on"IBM Integration Bus v10 self study labs update (April 2016)"

  1. Saurav Kumar Singh November 23, 2017

    Hi Ian,

    I need some help in working with Swift banking message format. Please upload some tutorial or links which will be helpful for us. I am working with IIB 9.0

    Saurav Kumar Singh

    • Hi,
      Thanks for the comments. I’ll ask around to see if there is some tutorial-like content already available, and if not pass on the request to the Betaworks team who create the labs.

      [Update 24/11/2017] You might have a look at the blog post IIB Solution for SWIFT FIN Messaging (DFDL) about modeling SWIFT FIN Messaging with DFDL and the SupportPac IAMB.

      Although modeling with DFDL is the strategic technique, you might also want to look at the SWIFT sample in the IIB V9 Integration Toolkit that “demonstrates how you can use the MRM to model a SWIFT message in XML format and in TDS format.”
      (Note: You can import or import and deploy a sample only when you use the information center that is integrated with the IBM Integration Toolkit.)

      Regards, Ian

  2. hello Ian,

    please add lab( Workload Management Policy to ‘Throttle’ Throughput of a Message Flow)

    • @Sriharsha Hi,
      Thanks for the comment. I’ve passed it on to the IBM Betaworks team for an update to the Labs.
      Regards, Ian

  3. Hi Ian,
    Please add few labs about handling group messages using MQ Input and File Input nodes, When we receive 2 or 3 messages with seq 1,2,…last and group id.

  4. Hello Ian Larner,
    the labs will work with IIB too ? , do I need to use IIB v10.0.0.4 Binary only with this lab hands on Learning

    • Hi, The labs should work with IIB It is usually only when we add a new Lab that explores features in a new version of IIB that you need that version (or later), which we mention in the Lab.
      Regards, Ian

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