ID_Small The time has flown and the annual IBM Integration Bus (IIB) V10 Workshop, led by IBM Betaworks has started again in IBM Hursley. This week-long workshop is focusing on the new functionality made available in the latest Fix Packs of the IBM Integration Bus V10, released since last year.

What is more, this year the workshop is covering two new IBM offerings – IIB on Cloud and IBM App Connect.


Over 30 participants for ‘week 1’ have traveled from around the world to attend the event. During the week, the participants will have a chance to listen to presentations (first hand from the IIB development team), work on hands-on labs, see demonstrations of new features and more…

On the first day the participants at the IBM Integration Bus V10 Workshop attended an overview presentation from the IIB Chief Architect covering the enhancements in IIB V10 Fix Packs. Further during the day, there were sessions and hands-on lab exercises on creating a REST API with and without a Swagger document. Labs covering the improvements in the Graphical Data Mapper and Global Cache locking were of great interest.


During the second day, the IIB participants dived in the IIB on Cloud capabilities. During the lab exercises they explored the Web User Interface for IIB on Cloud, Endpoint Connectors (DB2 and MQ) and Callable Flows. In addition, an introduction and a lab was offered for running IIB in a Docker container and using Callable Flows.
For the evening, the BetaWorks team has organized a tour of Winchester for all the Workshop participants, showing them Historic Winchester and sharing facts about the city.

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For details about the IBM Integration Bus Beta Workshop, please contact Terry Hudson at

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