ID_Small The IBM Integration Bus workshop led by IBM Betaworks has started week 2 in IBM Hursley.
After a very successful first week, this week we are joined by over 45 customers from around the World. These Integration professionals are keen to get up to date with the latest in IBM Integration Bus offering and also being introduced to some other new and exciting offerings.


The week started with the usual overview from the IIB Chief Architect and covering what has kept the development team busy during the past year. REST API and Callable Flows are just a few of the functionalities added to the product in the latest Fix Pack, since the initial GA release of IIB V10 in 2015.
On the first day, the attendees dived in the lab exercises, which showed them how to create REST APIs with or without a Swagger Document right into the Integration Toolkit.
The second day is dedicated to IBM Integration Bus on Cloud.


This new offering allows you to run IIB Integrations on the Cloud, an environment which IBM maintains.
What is more, now you can set up a secure Endpoint connector and while running all your integrations on IIBoC, accessing your local DB2 and MQ installations. All the data is still kept On-Premise and only securely accessed when required.
Equally powerful is the other new capability on IIBoC – Callable flows. This provides you with even further flexibility, where you can split your processing between IIB On-Premise and IIBoC. Of course IIBoC provides authentication, so your Integrations can be secured with a UserID and Password.

Later in the day a Tour of Winchester is planned for all the Workshop participants to learn about the history of the first capital of England.

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