It is amazing how time flies and especially when you are engaged in learning new capabilities in a product. It is day 4, week 2 from the IBM Integration Bus Workshop led by IBM BetaWorks in IBM Hursley. The participants are enjoying presentations on the latest features in the product and the opportunity to try them out with a set of lab exercises.


Some of the today’s topic cover the new enhancements in the product for REST APIs, Business Transaction Monitoring and the Salesforce Request node. An exciting part of the day is the demonstrations from the IIB Developers. They showcase how in a few minutes one can create a fully functional integration solution using the product’s latest tools.


Along with learning the new features in the product, the customers have been providing invaluable feedback for the IB Development team. This ranges from how well some of the features had been implemented into the product to what customers might want to see next in the product. The IIB development team does listens to its customers and the product’s content is often driven by the users’ requirements.

Later in the day, the BetaWorks team has arranged a tour of the historic Hursley house covering its history. What is more, the students will be able to explore the Hursley House’ IBM Museum, which sends you back in time in IBM’s history. Some of the very early IBM products (clocks) are on display and you can enjoy a walk down ‘Memory Lane’ and see various IBM products from through the years.
Finally, at the end of the day, BetaWorks have arranged the usual BBQ for all the workshop participant’s, where they can relax over a drink, socialize and may be even watch ad football game (apparently there is a tournament going on at the moment :-))…

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