hybrid picPublished today on the developerWorks WebSphere zone,          The evolving hybrid integration reference architecture      article explores the evolution of hybrid integration and explains how it has extended the ownership boundaries of an enterprise.

Authors Kim Clark and Rob Nicholson explain in detail the core capabilities of hybrid integration and the role and requirements of the lines of business. Their publication demonstrates how the central IT team in an organisation bridges the bi-modal divide, empowering the digital team and illustrates how public APIs and internal APIs are differentiated.

The article offers a comprehensive evaluation, providing the reader the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the importance of meeting the needs of the digital team and ensuring consistency with flexibility in the hybrid environment.

Through the remainder of 2016, we’ll be posting additional blogs on this site that map the reference architecture to IBM offerings. These posts will explain how many of our clients are addressing real-world integration challenges following this broad integration architecture.

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  1. Kathy Terry June 23, 2016

    Very nice article. Thank you for making it downloadable in PDF form.

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