As noted in the MustGather documentation for IBM Integration Bus the mqsidc tool is requested for most problems.
This is an Integration Bus specific command for the isa data collector.

When initially launched, the license must be accepted. On subsequent uses, this is not required.

The MQSIDC collector is a tool that will collect data about your Integration Node(Broker) with a simple command line interface. This information includes, but is not limited to:
1. Broker names and fixpack levels
2. MQ version
3. Environment variables
4. Basic system information
5. Error logs(syslog, Event Viewer, stderr/stdout, console.txt)
6. Abends, java cores, and heap dumps
7. Execution Group details
8. ODBC files and locations
9. iFixes installed

There is little to no overhead from running this command, as it collects historical data. However, in some cases the file may be extremely large if the stdout/stderr files contain tracing or if there have been large java cores or heap dumps generated.

In general, the Broker collector option is recommended, but there are occasions where more specific Integration Server(Execution Group) detail may be requested.

Steps to Collect MQSIDC output.

1. Run mqsidc from the command line:

2. Enter a specific name for the collector (perhaps the broker name or time stamp):

3. Choose the option for the “Broker Collector”

4. Enter the name of the Broker (Integration Node) for the collector:

5. Leave the Execution Group blank unless requested by support:

6. Choose how you would like to send to support:
*When choosing secure transfer to IBM or FTP, you will be required to enter the PMR number.*

7. Finish the collector and either send to support or upload to the PMR:

Known issues:
Could not find or load main class Files\IBM\MQSI\\isadc;D:\Program

mqsidc fails on Windows with no message or output

Collecting data in console mode with IBM Support Assistant Data Collector

5 comments on"Running mqsidc for IBM Integration Bus Support"

  1. Robert Tilley February 20, 2019

    Is there an updated version of the tool? Its asking for a PMR format and I’ve been told the PMR format is only for MQ, IIB uses CASE.

    • Daniel Willis March 04, 2019

      Hi Robert,

      Currently there is not an update to this tool, as we have migrated to the new SalesForce process.

      I will try to keep this page updated, if this changes in the future.

  2. seifeddine1990 September 10, 2018

    Hello, do IBM provide any tools to visualize the results of MQSIDC (charts and tables).

  3. Allen Schmutzler November 30, 2017

    Hi Daniel.. thanks for these articles. Is there any way to provide all these inputs to the mqsidc command without going thru the interactive prompts. So that it could be scripted, w/o human intervention.

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