The Integration Bus PureApplication pattern has been updated for IBM Integration Bus

Integration Bus version

This version of the pattern installs Integration Bus version

Software Component attributes

There are two updates to the pattern attributes which increase flexibility and predictability of pattern deployments.  You can now specify the following attributes for Advanced, Active and Standby Integration Node components:

  • The “IIB Userid” under which the integration node will run
  • The “mqbrkrs gid” number used when creating the mqbrkrs group during deployment

The “IIB Userid” in previous versions of the pattern was always “virtuser”.¬† This is still the default but you can now configure each integration node to run as a different user.

The “mqbrkrs gid” number in previous versions of the pattern was allocated by the operating system when the mqbrkrs group was created.¬† HA deployments and access to existing shared filesystems with mqbrkrs file ownership require that a specific value is used for the mqbrkrs gid.¬† You can now specify this in the software component attributes, with a predictable fixed default value (1101).


These new attributes are documented in the reference section for the pattern in the Knowledge Center.

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