Last month App Connect officially launched as a service on Bluemix – IBM’s cloud platform. For developers looking to create, deploy and manage data driven applications, Bluemix provides instant access to the necessary compute and a rich palette of services across mobile, IoT, cognitive and more. But as an existing App Connect user, why should you consider running the integration solution on Bluemix?

1. Build your apps and integrate them in one place

App Connect on Bluemix combines all the functions and benefits of App Connect with the leading capabilities of Bluemix. As a developer, you can now not only build and manage bespoke applications, but utilize powerful HTTP connectors to integrate them with other applications, on and off the Bluemix platform. You can find out more about the HTTP connector, here.

2. Utilize powerful analytics and logging tools

As a Bluemix service, App Connect benefits from logging powered by Bluemix Logmet and integrated with BMX Kibana and Grafana. For more information about the benefits of this feature, take a moment to read our blog.

3. Apply improved access management

App Connect on Bluemix also offers improved User Access Management integrated with Bluemix IAM. As an integration specialist, this enables you to provide controlled and protected access to the integration flows you’ve built, with others in your organization. You can read more about Bluemix IAM, here.

4. Synergies with other services

As a Bluemix service, App Connect now has greater synergies with a wide-range of Bluemix services including Watson and OpenWhisk, extending your ability to build more complex and powerful integration flows and to expose them as APIs.

5. Benefit from PAYG pricing options

Customers purchasing the App Connect Professional plan on Bluemix can take advantage of a new Pay as you Go (PAYG) pricing option. This flexible plan charges customers on their event-action flows and RESTful API flows, with no restriction on the number of active flows.

For more information about App Connect on Bluemix or to get started with building applications and services on the platform, visit our webpage.

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