Last week, I switched this IBM Integration community site over to use the IBM v18 (Northstar) web standard that is being rolled out across sites. This brings this site in line with others on, and provides a fresh look and feel.

The content in the site has not changed, and we’re busy adding more content especially for IBM Integration Bus and IBM App Connect.

Some people have done a “double take” on opening a page in the community, so I’m publishing this post and adding some reassurance to the home page.

Some of the changes that have occurred:

  • Home page – provides links to the main areas of IBM Integration Bus, IBM App Connect, and IBM Application Integration Suite
  • The menu bar provides drop-down lists of options for:
    • Resources – Separate links to “doc” pages about the IBM Integration products
    • Videos – Separate links to pages presenting videos about IBM Integration products
    • About – The link to sign up as a contributor to this site is now under here
    • Log in – Links for you to log in to online interfaces for IBM Integration products, like App Connect Designer and IIB on Cloud
  • On the Resources (Docs) pages the table of contents is shown open, and currently cannot be closed. I have an update to make that lets you collapse/expand the table of contents to use the full width of your display for the content.

If you are authoring posts to publish in this site, you can use the IBM Northstar web standard techniques for presentation and behaviour. Also, some WordPress shortcodes, like “collapse” no longer work, so there is some clean up ongoing. (I’ve updated hints and tips for writing blog posts.)

If you comments about the IBM Northstar web standard or spot anything that could do with fixing, you can add a comment to this post.


2 comments on"This IBM Integration community has changed to the IBM v18 web standard"

  1. The V18 Template seems to be constructed over a monolithic base. Been not compatible with Angular 2, or node Modules. The actions and animations depends on jquery codes….

    • @Ricardo,
      Your comments are specific to the IBM v18 (Northstar) design standard, rather than to the Integration community.

      If you want to discuss your comments further, or to suggest changes to the v18 design, I suggest that you open an item in the v18 design forum, which you should be able to access by the “Contact Us” button on the side of the IBM Design Standards web site:

      If you have any comments about (the design use in) the IBM Integration community, let me know.


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