IBM App Connect allows you to see when your flows have run successfully, or generated errors, in near real-time. This gives confidence that your flows are running and helps identify those which may require attention.

You can see a success icon appear automatically on the flow tile indicating that the flow ran successfully. Highlighting the icon gives the time at which the last success occurred.

Conversely, if an error occurred during the run then you will see an icon appear to indicate this. If you want to see more detail about the error, then click the error icon and a summary will open. This summary is also available at any time from the flow tile menu.

The error summary displays information about the most recent errors. This includes the time the error occurred, details of the error, and actions you can take to fix the error.

If you are using IBM App Connect in Bluemix then you can also view errors in Kibana. This is described in this blog post.

October 2019 Update: The IBM Cloud Log Analysis service was discontinued on 30 September 2019, and Kibana logs can no longer be accessed from App Connect. App Connect now provides a built-in log viewer for monitoring user logs, and enables you to extend your logging capabilities by using the IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA service in IBM Cloud. For more information, see Viewing App Connect logs in the log viewer and Monitoring and managing App Connect logs in IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA.

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