The analogy of “cattle not pets” is now well established in the application space, especially in relation to the microservice application architecture. However, as discussed in our paper on agile integration architecture, it makes just as much sense to also consider this approach in the integration space.

Our latest article “Cattle not pets with IBM Integration Bus” looks at the practices for deploying IBM® Integration Bus using this approach with Docker containers.

Simplistically, moving to a cattle approach for your integration infrastructure means breaking up the more centralized ESB runtime into multiple separate and highly decoupled runtimes.

However, it is critical to recognize that just breaking out the integrations into containers is only part of the story. A more cattle-like approach requires further work if we are to gain the agility, scalability and resilience benefits of the microservices style. Our runtimes need to be set up to minimize dependencies, reduce build and deployment times, be truly disposable, enable fast restarts and more.

The article looks at how to achieve these things with IBM Integration Bus. We explore:

  • What should you include within each container
  • What would be an appropriate hierarchy of images
  • How do you balance concerns around what should occur at build time and runtime

You can find the new article here:
Cattle not pets with IBM Integration Bus

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