In IBM App Connect we’ve added the ability to export and import flows. This capability makes it easy for you to share App Connect flows across your organization and greatly improve team collaboration. To export a flow, on the Dashboard, open the menu for your existing flow and click Export. Your flow is saved as a .yaml file, which you can then share with your colleagues.

To import a flow, on the Dashboard, click New and then click Import flow…

From here you can either select a file by using a file dialog, or drag and drop it over the dialog box.

You also have the option to host your exported flows on a web page that you can share, and then those importing the flow can paste the flow URL in the dialog to import them. If you use this option, please note that you need to use a public HTTP or HTTPS address, that does not require login credentials.

4 comments on"Exporting and importing flows in IBM App Connect"

  1. Are there APIs for import and export? how about start and stop a flow? Thinking of including App Connect artefacts in CI/CD

  2. What is the difference between App Connect and Integration Bus?

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