A notification node has been added to the Toolbox palette of the flow editor allowing you to send a notification card as part of the logic of the flow. A notification card is comprised of a title and text description. It can also contain information from the flow context and up to three user actions in the form of buttons. Each button can trigger the execution of a sub flow.

When a notification card is sent as part of the logic of the flow, you can open the card from the Notifications page in App Connect. From this card you can select an action, in the form of button, to trigger a sub flow. This is how a notification card introduces user interaction within a flow – by allowing you to activate an action when a specific situation is detected.

In the following example we are going to create a notification card that will be sent as soon as a big opportunity appears in your Insightly account. If you think the opportunity should be shared, you’ll be able to notify your team by sending them an email directly from this card.

We start by creating an event-driven flow using the Insightly application’s New opportunity event.

We only want to be notified about large opportunities with bids over 10000, so we’ll use the ‘if’ node to filter only those opportunities:

Now let’s have the flow notify us of this new interesting opportunity by using the new ‘Notification’ node from the Toolbox palette. For that we select the first (+) sign in the ‘if’ node. We’ll leave the ‘else’ section empty since we do not care about other opportunities at this point.

We now need to specify the notification node. A notification will be sent to you in the form of a notification card that contains a title, description, and a set of buttons to trigger actions.

The notification card itself can present information about the opportunity such as the bid amount or information about the customer. We fill in the information we need in the notification editor.

Now the interesting feature in a notification card is that it doesn’t only contain text, it contains users actions that can be triggered by clicking buttons. So we are going to add a button in our notification that will allow us to send an email to notify your team about this new opportunity. For that we use the ‘Add user action’ button and the new action will appear in both the flow diagram and in the notification editor.

Now, we just need to finish the sub flow that will be triggered when the button is clicked in the notification. Here we choose to use the Gmail application to send the email to your team. Even if this sub flow is only invoked when you click the card you can still use all the context from the original flow to compose your email, so that you can provide more information about the opportunity in this email.

Now that the flow is complete, exit and turn it on.

At this point, you might wonder where the notification will appear and what it looks like. When the opportunity is detected, the notification is recorded in the Notifications page in the App Connect UI. From here, you can see all the notification cards that you have received and start to interact with them.

Note that you can reopen the notification feed from the App Connect toolbar at any time.

As you can see, within the card you can now decide to send an email to your team.

I hope you now understand how to use notification cards to introduce user interaction in your App Connect flow.

3 comments on"Introduce user interaction in an IBM App Connect flow with the new Notification node"

  1. How does the Notification node know which person’s desktop to send the notification to? I assume that I’ll need to configure the “Notifications Center” on my Macbook, but I’m not sure of the proper steps.

    • Emmanuel Tissandier November 06, 2017

      In order to receive the notifications you need to allow the notifications from the IBM App Connect appliction, your browser will ask you if you allow or block this when you first open the application . If you decide to allow them, the notifications will show up in your macbook notification center.

      • I don’t recall being prompted for notifications when I opened AppConnect via Bluemix. Is there a way to enable the prompt to reappear so I can complete it?

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