In this video I will demonstrate how to use policies in App Connect Enterprise V11.

I’ll show how to access data from a DB2 database on Windows from a message flow running in App Connect Enterprise on a Mac.
I’ll use a JDBC Provider policy to define the connection details to the database and also show how the values in the policy can be overridden. Policy projects can be added to a BAR file and deployed directly to an integration server which simplifies configuring your integration solution.

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2 comments on"How to use policies in App Connect Enterprise V11"

  1. Hello,

    I am trying to create DataCaptureStore and DataCaptureSource to record the data/events being emitted by the message flow in the database.
    But it says that “BIP1042I: Command deprecated, please use policy projects instead.
    BIP8976I: Policy type ‘DataCaptureStore’ is not supported”

    I have tried creating UserDefined Policy by giving all the properties but that is not working.
    Can you help here and provide step by step procedure for “Record and Replay” in IBM App Connect Enterprise v11.

    For Message Broker, this information is available in IBM Knowledge Center-“”
    I am using the below two commands-
    1) mqsicreateconfigurableservice LMGINTNODE -c DataCaptureStore -o DCStore_1 -n backoutQueue,commitCount,commitIntervalSecs,dataSourceName,egForRecord,egForView,queueName,schema,threadPoolSize,useCoordinatedTransaction -v “EAI.ADS.EG01.BACKOUT”,10,5,”ACEDB”,”IS_INLMG_01″,”IS_INLMG_01″,”EAI.ADS.EG01.RECORD”,””,10,”false”

    2) mqsicreateconfigurableservice LMGINTNODE -c DataCaptureSource -o DCSrc1 -n dataCaptureStore,topic -v DCStore_1,’$SYS/Broker/LMGINTNODE/Monitoring/IS_INLMG_01/#’

    • SanjayNagchowdhury November 15, 2018

      Record and Replay capability has not been restored in App Connect Enterprise V11 yet.



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