A sample Watson Assistant bot is available on GitHub. The sample demonstrates how to call App Connect on IBM Cloud as an external service, and uses both Cloud Functions and client actions to achieve calling an API flow in App Connect.

(Cloud Functions are server-less functions. Client actions use the application that hosts the bot UI to call to App Connect.)

The sample App Connect API flow exposes an API that looks up customer details from an instance on www.salesforce.com. The sample Watson Assistant bot allows the user to ask for customer details and provide the ID of the customer. The bot then calls the App Connect flow and returns the resulting email address to the user. The sample NodeJS and React application provides a bot web user interface which the user interacts with to chat to the bot, and displays debugging information for developers to understand the message flows to and from Watson Assistant.

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The sample, with documentation, is available in the GitHub repository: https://github.com/IBM/watson-assistant-app-connect.

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