Security is an important consideration for both developers of IBM App Connect Enterprise applications and for system administrators configuring IBM App Connect Enterprise authorities. You can enable administration security on an integration node or integration server to control which users can complete tasks against that integration node or server and its resources.

In these videos we demonstrate how to configure administration security to perform administrative actions in App Connect Enterprise v11;

  • to enter a userid and password
  • to access an integration node over HTTPS
  • to configure the authorization aspects of the actions a user can perform on an integration server.

You can find out more about the concepts of setting up administration security for IBM App Connect Enterprise in the IBM Knowledge Center

2 comments on"App Connect Enterprise v11 – 3 videos to demonstrate administration security configurations"

  1. Hi, the first video dont work for a multi-instance broker in ACE, this is a bug ?

    • SanjayNagchowdhury July 18, 2019


      Can you supply more details on what doesn’t work exactly? What are you seeing?



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