You can now enable remote debugging for your enterprise integrations in the latest release of IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud. To get started, open the options menu for your chosen integration server in the App Connect dashboard, and select Configure remote debugging. The integration server must be in a Stopped state.

From the resulting “Configure remote debugging” panel, you can enable and disable remote debugging for all your stopped integration servers. Select the integration server that you want to enable debugging for and then specify a free port on your local computer to communicate through.

Follow the remaining instructions to set up the agent, which is required to connect your integration server to your IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit. You’ll need to download the agent configuration and then update the agent.

Agent configuration instructions

When completed, you’ll notice that the tile in the dashboard has changed to show that remote debugging is enabled:

You’ll also need to configure your App Connect Enterprise Toolkit to listen on the corresponding port. From the toolkit, click Run > Debug Configurations.

App Connect Enterprise Toolkit: Debug Configurations option

Then create an IBM App Connect Enterprise Debug configuration, with a host name of localhost and a Java debug port that matches your chosen port in the “Configure remote debugging” panel. Note that you’ll need to set up a separate debug configuration for each cloud integration server that you want to debug.

That’s it! The next time you start your integration server, debug information will be available in your App Connect Enterprise Toolkit.

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