Previously, we provided the capability to download an integration server’s logs as well as view them by using the IBM Cloud Log Analysis service. The Log Analysis service was recently deprecated as announced here: Deprecating IBM Cloud Log Analysis. As a result, we’ve updated the way in which you can view your logs in IBM App Connect.

We’ve replaced the Download logs and View logs links on an integration server’s Contents tab with a single View logs link. Unlike the previous configuration, View logs is always enabled and doesn’t rely on an instance of the¬†Log Analysis service; instead, it uses the same log viewer that is used for the logs of your event-driven and API flows in App Connect.

New 'View logs' link for integration servers

When you click View logs, the log viewer opens:

Note: Even though we’ve removed the link for viewing your logs in the deprecated Log Analysis service, you can continue to use any existing instances until the Log Analysis service is fully removed.

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