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You can now use IBM® App Connect to build flows that integrate with the Workforce Dimensions™ suite by Kronos. Kronos offers a number of solutions to manage your workforce; App Connect supports the Workforce Dimensions suite.

Using Kronos in App Connect

You can use App Connect to create a person in Workforce Dimensions, reset attendance balances, and retrieve the following data:

  • Attendance records
  • Attendance balance types
  • Employees
  • Employment details
  • Job preferences
  • Leave records
  • Schedules

To use App Connect to integrate Workforce Dimensions with your other applications, you need to connect App Connect to your Kronos account. To do that, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Endpoint URL: The Kronos URL in the format https://hostName.mykronos.com, where hostName is the tenant’s host name that’s configured for users with IDP accounts. This part of the URL is set as part of a tenant’s federation configuration.
  • Username: The user name for your Kronos account.
  • User password: The password for your Kronos account.
  • Client ID: The OAuth application client ID for regenerating the access token.
  • Client secret: The OAuth application client secret for regenerating the access token.
  • Application key: You can generate the application key in the Kronos development portal. All requests against the Kronos APIs need a valid application key to be passed in the HTTP header.

Scenario: Retrieving your employees’ data

There are many ways in which you might use the valuable employee data that Kronos holds. You could use data for salary or leave calculations, or you could feed it into other systems like the human capital management solution, Workday.

To see an example of how you could use App Connect to integrate Kronos Workforce Dimensions with your applications, try out a template. In App Connect, go to the Templates gallery, then search for the template called “Use Slack to notify of unprocessed Kronos leave requests”.

In this scenario, a scheduler runs the flow every Monday morning to retrieve leave requests in Kronos. If any of the requests have a status of “Pending”, a notification message is sent to Slack.
Screenshot showing a flow with a scheduler, a Kronos action, and a for each action that includes an if condition and a Slack action

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