We have just released v2.1.0 of the IBM App Connect Enterprise Certified Container which includes a number of enhancements. This is available both as a production edition, available in a PPA via IBM Passport Advantage (Part CC2MKML), and a developer edition. For the latter, re-syncing your Helm repos in the IBM Cloud Private management console should result in the dashboard chart appearing in the catalog.

New Features

The updates in this release include:

  • New IBM App Connect Enterprise image that includes an IBM MQ client
  • Images updated to use IBM MQ 9.1.3
  • Support for sharing REST APIs with API Connect
  • Support for defining custom ports
  • Support for running Switch connectivity agents for connecting IBM App Connect Enterprise flows running in containers and on the cloud
  • Simplified permissions configuration on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

This release includes IBM App Connect Enterprise, and supports IBM Cloud Private and

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