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Debugging flows in IBM App Connect

IBM App Connect sends log messages to the IBM Cloud Log Analysis service which provides a rich toolkit for filtering and visualizing your logs –...

What’s that Rudolf? An IIB Demo for REST Service?

See how easy it is for the IIB Toolkit to create a REST service exposing a database table behind in this Demo.

Example PureApplication System Pattern for IIB – Secured Web Admin and Record & Replay

In this post, I share how easy it is to extend the Hypervisor edition of IBM Integration Bus V9 available for PureApplication Systems.

IBM Integration Bus High Availability Overview

Here is a short slide deck that gives a high level overview of IIB High Availability topologies, with links to further information.

Building a Topology for Integrations Converted from WebSphere ESB

This article highlights some of the key similarities and differences between the technologies, to help you choose the right IBM Integration Bus topology for your...

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