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Connecting App Connect to the same application using multiple accounts

You can connect App Connect to an application like Salesforce using multiple different accounts, and then use those accounts in the same flow. You can...

List of available DFDL schemas

A quick summary of the DFDL schemas, ISO8583, HL7, HIPAA, SWIFT, NACHA, EDIFACT, 4690, ACE, ... with links to where you can find them.

Reading large files of multi-line messages

In Integration Bus, the FileInput node can be used to read very large files of data, by streaming in messages one at a time. This...

Creating the bitmap for an ‘unpacked’ ISO8583 message

If you have to create ISO8583 credit/debit card messages in IBM Integration Bus, but the messages use 'unpacked' bitmaps instead of the more usual 'packed'...

DFDL: Modelling COBOL that uses comma as decimal point

If your COBOL data uses a comma as the decimal point then you can use the SPECIAL-NAMES section of a COBOL program to ensure the...

DFDL schemas on GitHub

Explore pre-built DFDL schemas on GitHub.

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Get started with the Data Format Description Language

In this age of big data, the bulk of the data begging to be analyzed…

Message modeling and parsing enhancements in WebSphere Message Broker V6.1

Message modeling lets you predefine message formats so that WebSphere Message Broker can then automatically…