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IBM App Connect Enterprise V11 product documentation

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  1. Saravanan Arasan September 05, 2019


    How to use monitoring profile in ACE? In documentation is is mentioned as below,

    Save the XML file with an extension of .monprofile.xml (for example, monitoringProfileName.monprofile.xml).
    Add the XML file to a policy project (see Creating policies with the IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit).

    1) what is the policy type for monitoring profile?
    2) How to associate the mon profile to Integration server/node?

    • Hi Saravanan,
      The doc was a bit misleading. The main steps are:
      1) Save the XML file with an extension of .monprofile.xml (for example, monitoringProfileName.monprofile.xml) to a policy project
      2) Deploy the policy project
      3) Apply the monitoring profile to one or more message flows; for example, by specifying the monitoring profile name on the flow in the BAR editor (of the BAR file containing the message flows)
      4) Activate the monitoring profile; for example, by using the mqsichangeflowmonitoring -c command

      I’ve made some updates to the doc, which will appear in IBM Knowledge Center in due course after the updates have worked through the publication process.


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