You can use tutorials to improve your skills adopting IBM App Connect Enterprise. They are a great way to get you up and running, as well as trying out the product.

We’ll be using this page to collect a growing set of tutorials published in this Integration community. For a list of those tutorials, see the Table of contents or Learn more below.

If you can’t find what you want, or have comments about the tutorials information, please either add comments to the bottom of this page or .

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Tutorials Gallery in the App Connect Enterprise Toolkit

To quickly get started with IBM App Connect Enterprise V11 in a practical way, you can use the tutorials provided in the Tutorials Gallery of the App Connect Enterprise Toolkit.

You can open the Tutorials Gallery from the Welcome page or the Help menu. The Tutorials Gallery provides access to a number of tutorials that are stored on a GitHub repository, and automatically displays new tutorials when they are added to the GitHub repository.

From the Tutorials Gallery you can download, deploy, and test sample integration solutions, and then explore the configuration of the solution components to learn how to develop integration solutions of your own.

Tutorial 1
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The following pages and articles give examples of using tutorials:

  • The doc page Get started with IBM App Connect Enterprise which uses the ‘Transformation using a Map in a message flow’ tutorial to demonstrate how to use a Mapping node to transform data using a Map in an IBM App Connect Enterprise message flow.

Exploring the tutorials outside the App Connect Enterprise Toolkit

If you want to explore the IBM App Connect Enterprise tutorials outside the toolkit, or have problems accessing the tutorials from within the toolkit, you can find the IBM App Connect Enterprise tutorials content on the GitHub repository.

Downloading tutorials manually

Some users of the Tutorials Gallery in the App Connect Enterprise Toolkit have reported Java connection errors that prevent them from viewing and importing tutorials in the toolkit. Generally, connection problems with GitHub can be due to a range of problems with the network:

  1. A DNS error at your ISP
  2. Overly-restrictive firewall restrictions (that the Toolkit [java] is being blocked from using network connections or is not listening for the port used)
  3. The connection is trying to pass through a proxy
  4. Temporary network issues

Others with connection problems have reported that when trying from various other networks the connection just works.

If you continue to have connection problems from within the App Connect Enterprise Toolkit, but do have a web browser connection to GitHub, you can manually download and import tutorials into the App Connect Enterprise Toolkit; for example, you can use the following page to read the details and steps for the tutorials on Github, and to download the project interchange archive files for the tutorials: IBM App Connect Enterprise v11 tutorials on Github. Alternatively, you can use the following manual procedure:

  1. In your web browser, open the metadata.json file for the IIB Tutorials repository Each tutorial is listed by name, with a short description and URLs for details, steps, and archive file.
  2. For a tutorial that you want to try, look for “zipURL” (URL for the tutorial archive file) and “stepsURL” (URL for the steps to run the tutorial); for example:
    "stepsURL"      : "",
    "zipURL"        : "",
  3. Use your web browser to download the tutorial archive file from zipURL
  4. In your App Connect Enterprise Toolkit, use File > Import… > Project Interchange to import the tutorial archive file into the Application Development view in your Integration Toolkit
  5. Use your web browser to open the stepsURL page
  6. Click the Run tab, and then follow the steps to complete the tutorial

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