The MQ Routing Cache test case, based closely on the Message Routing sample, exercises a dynamic routing scenario where a field from the input message is extracted and used to look up the name of a destination queue in an IBM DB2 database, which is then cached in an ESQL SHARED ROW variable and used as a destination for the current and subsequent messages. The test exercises the MQ-based transport, XMLNSC parsing, and dynamic routing.

The message flow in the figure contains two branches: the first branch performs the above dynamic routing scenario that is being tested for performance, whereas the second branch provides capability to clear the cache and mandate a destination look-up for the next message; however, this latter branch is not exercised in the test.

Note that as the result of the database lookup is cached, only one is performed per test run. As stated on the Test Scenarios page, we collect CPU usage statistics for Integration Bus, App Connect Enterprise, and MQ processes, but not for database processes. However, as there is only one database lookup per test run, database usage is negligible compared to other processing in the test, and therefore need not be measured.

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