You can view logs in a Kibana dashboard for the resources that are running in your integration servers on IBM® App Connect on IBM Cloud™. To view the logs, you create a Logging policy and attach it to each integration server. The Logging policy is used to send system log data for your integration servers to a Log Analysis service in IBM Cloud (formerly Bluemix).

The following instructions assume that you’ve already uploaded a BAR file to App Connect on IBM Cloud.

To view logs for your integration servers in the Log Analysis service in IBM Cloud:

  • Open the integration server for which you want to see the logs.
  • Open the Attached policies tab.
  • If you haven’t yet created any policies, click Attach a policy. If you’ve already created some policies, click Manage, then click Create and attach a policy.
  • Select Logging from the list.
  • Provide a name to identify the policy.
  • Select the appropriate logging host from the list; for example, is the logging host for the us_south region, and is for the eu_gb region.
  • Specify the IBM Cloud space identifier, which App Connect on IBM Cloud uses to find the Log Analysis service instance, and the policy IBM Cloud logging token, which authorizes App Connect on IBM Cloud to send system log data to the Log Analysis service.

    To retrieve the IBM Cloud logging token and space identifier, run the following cURL command:

    curl -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" -d "user=IBM_Cloud_User_Name&passwd=IBM_Cloud_Password&organization=IBM_Cloud_Organization_Name&space=IBM_Cloud_Space_Name"

    The IBM_Cloud_Login_URL for us-south is, and for eu-gb is

    The response to the cURL command contains values for logging_token and space_id, which you can use when you create the policy. See Getting the logging token in the IBM Cloud Log Analysis documentation for other ways to get the logging_token and space_id.

  • When you’ve entered all the required values, click Create.

    If a Logging policy is already attached to the integration server, that policy will be detached when you attach this new one. If that’s what you want, click Attach.

The Logging policy is now attached to your integration server. When you start your integration server, you can view the logs for that integration server by opening it and clicking View logs.

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