App Connect provides a catalog of out-of-the-box applications that you can use in your flows. You can also add IBM Integration Bus custom applications and user-defined APIs to the catalog for use in your flows.

You can view the applications and APIs in the App Connect catalog as described in the next section. To use any of these applications and APIs in a flow, you’ll need to connect App Connect to those applications and APIs as described in Connecting to applications and APIs.

Viewing applications and APIs, and their supported events and actions

For a list of all the applications that are currently supported by App Connect Designer, see the Applications tab on the App Connect Catalog page. Click an application to see the events and actions that are available for that application. Some applications have a set of pre-configured events and actions that are displayed even before you connect App Connect to those apps. For other applications, you’ll need to first connect App Connect to those apps in order to discover available or additional events and actions.

Viewing App Connect applications

To see your set of imported and shared APIs, go to the APIs tab on the Catalog page. (You can click an API to see the actions (or operations) that are defined for that API.) If you haven’t yet imported any APIs or don’t have any shared APIs in your IBM Cloud organization, this tab will be empty.

Viewing imported and shared APIs in App Connect

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