When you create event-driven or API flows, you need to define what actions should be performed after an event occurs. You can choose from a wide range of actions that are defined for the applications and APIs in the IBM App Connect catalog.

Most applications or APIs enable you to perform the basic create, retrieve, update, or delete (CRUD) actions on their objects. For example, you can create leads or contacts in CRM applications such as Insightly or NetSuite CRM, retrieve records from database systems such as IBM Db2 or Oracle Database, or invoke POST operations on an API. Other applications can, however, contain specialized actions to suit their function. For example, a file management application such as SFTP provides a rename action for files and folders, and IBM Watson Personality Insights provides an analyze action to extract personality characteristics based on how a person writes.

When you add an action to your flow, you’ll see a set of fields where you can specify data that will help you perform that action. Based on the type of action, you can specify text values in the fields, select mapped fields from previous nodes in the flow to use as input, apply JSONata expressions to transform the input or output data, apply filters, and configure error handling. You can also define your own data properties and expose them as custom fields, and can switch to advanced mode editing for enhanced capabilities.

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