The following techniques for configuring, validating, and managing event-driven flows also apply to flows for an API:

  • Connecting to applications: When you create flows for an API, you must connect App Connect to each application or API in a flow by providing account details for the applications and APIs. For more information, see Connecting to applications and APIs.
  • Managing accounts in App Connect: If required, you can connect each application or API to multiple accounts, and can rename, update, and remove accounts. For more information, see Managing accounts in App Connect.
  • Completing the fields for an action: For each operation that you add to an API flow, you need to define which actions should be performed for each application or API that you add, and can do so by completing the fields for an action. For more information about the techniques for specifying data in any required target fields, see Completing the fields for an action.
  • Validating your flow is ready to run: In order to start your flow, it must be free of any validation errors. For more information about validating the nodes in a flow and resolving errors, see Validating your flow is ready to run.
  • Managing flows from the Dashboard: From the App Connect Dashboard, you can start, stop, edit, view, sort, and delete your flows. You can also use the export and import facilities to share your flows with other App Connect users and across environments. For more information, see Managing flows.

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